2018 Champions and Qualifiers

Congratuations to all our Splitz Champions

State Champions

Angela Belanger

Xcel Silver

Beam 9.725

Neyola Towelde-Brewer

Xcel Silver

Vault 9.10

Sophia Schaeffer

Xcel Silver

Bars 9.575

Jade Smith

Xcel Silver

Vault 9.425

Brooklyn Dumas

Xcel Silver

Vault 9.55

Courtney Jordan

Xcel Gold

Vault 9.50

Kate Kostik

Xcel Gold

Floor 9.725

All-Around 37.75

Giuliana Serapiglia

Xcel Gold

All-Around 38.075

Alivia Falk

Xcel Gold

Bars 9.625

Natalie Flogaus

Xcel Gold

Vault 9.35

Sabine Zebib

Level 4

Beam 9.375

Floor 9.45

All-Around 37.475

Allison Traylor

Level 6

Bars 9.25

All-Around 37.375

Addison Bielecki

Level 7

Vault 9.40

Savannah Lesko

Level 6

Bars 9.375

Floor 9.50

All-Around 37.85

Aubrey Taylor

Level 7

Floor 9.55

Tegan Warren-Green

Level 8

Floor 9.60

All Around 37.45

Regional Champions

Ava Demchinski

Level 7

Vault 9.775

Kyra Burkhardt

Level 7

Vault 9.65

Floor 9.70

All-Around 38.15

Olivia Lesko

Level 8

Floor 9.625

All-Around 37.50

National Champions and Qualifiers

Congratulations to Kaitlyn Owsley, Kara Roberts and Hannah DeMers for Qualifying for Nationals

Closed for the following holidays

1/1-1/3 New Years, 3/29-4/2 Easter,

5/1-5/3, 5/27 Memorial Day, 6/29-7/4 Fourth of July, 8/29-9/2 Labor Day,

10/29-10/31, 11/28-11/29 Thanksgiving, 12/22-12/31 Chistmas Holidays

We are a continuous program with a monthly tuition based on 4 classes per month. There are Some months you will receive 3 lessons due to National Holidays. You will receive an extra make-up class for that month. You must either schedule your Holiday make-up within the month missed or the next month, if enrolled in classes. We do not give credit or prorate tuition for Holidays.