Pre-School Swinging Monkeys

This program includes 4 levels: Tiny, Itty Bitty, Mini and Mega

Our swinging monkey program has preset lesson plans each week.

Each class and level works on the same skills each week with children their own age.

The degree of difficulty and expectation varies for each age and level.

Students will stretch 10 to 15 minutes and have floor every week. From there they will have 2 events and then the remaining 2 events the following week.

For Example

Week 1

Stretch, floor, beam and trampoline

Week 2

Stretch, floor, bars and vault

Week 3

Stretch, floor, beam and trampoline

Week 4

Stretch, floor, bars and vault


Tiny Monkeys

18 months – 2/3 years old (Parent and Child)

45 Minute Class

8:1 Student/Instructor Ratio

This class requires parental participation which enables you to see and help your child develop movements as well as social interaction skills.

Itty Bitty Monkeys

3 year olds

45 Minute Class

6:1 Student/Instructor Ratio

In this class your child will be able to learn on their own without parental guidance as well as further develop their social skills and movements.

Mini Monkey

4 year olds

1 Hour Class

7:1 Student/Instructor Ratio

The pre-schoolers natural desire to explore will be encouraged while being instructed on how to direct his/her physical and mental energy. A safe class is always our first priority.

Mega Monkey

5-6 year olds

1 Hour Class

8:1 Student/Instructor Ratio

This class develops body awareness, strength and coordination by teaching basic gymnastics skills in a fun and progressive manner.

Class Photos



January 1-3

March 29 - March 31

April 7-9

May 29-31

June 29 - July 4

August 29 - September 4

October 30-31

November 22-26

December 22-31

We are a continuous program with a monthly tuition based on 4 classes per month. There are Some months you will receive 3 lessons due to National Holidays. You will receive an extra make-up class for that month. You must either schedule your Holiday make-up within the month missed or the next month, if enrolled in classes. We do not give credit or prorate tuition for Holidays.