Ninja Warrior

This program includes 2 Age Levels: 4-7 and 8-14

These 45 minute youth classes focus on the all around athlete.

We strive to build the physical and emotional strength to overcome any challenge by teaching natural and functional movements on progressive and evolving obstacles that excite and motivate.

In our program we stretch, condition and challenge each warrior to complete elements such as the 2 warped walls, ring toss, rock wall, ropes, hanging elements and ladders.

NInja Warrior



January 1-3

March 29 - March 31

April 7-9

May 29-31

June 29 - July 4

August 29 - September 4

October 30-31

November 22-26

December 22-31

We are a continuous program with a monthly tuition based on 4 classes per month. There are Some months you will receive 3 lessons due to National Holidays. You will receive an extra make-up class for that month. You must either schedule your Holiday make-up within the month missed or the next month, if enrolled in classes. We do not give credit or prorate tuition for Holidays.