Why take gymnastics?

Your child may think that exercise can be hard and boring. However, moving, running, exploring and learning are all natural for them and we want to keep that thought foremost on their minds. We will provide your child with barrels of fun with our different shaped mats (hills, inclines, tunnels, octagons) and scaled down real gymnastics equipment (low balance beam, wee grip bars, baby trapezoid).

It's a learning experience! Research has repeatedly proven that gymnastics-type activity makes children smarter by raising reading readiness and increasing spatial reasoning (the ability to detect patterns among objects which is critical in math and science). Gymnastics also increases the development of various motor and sensory areas such as: hand eye coordination, spatial awareness, ocular pursuit (tracking) directionality, motor coordination, balance, agility and poise.

Our Programs


Pre-School, Instructional, Tumbling and Super

Monthy Events

Open Gym, Parents Night Out and Skill Day

Yearly Events

Splitz Olympics, Summer Camp, Pink Out and Trunk or Treat

Birthday Parties

Saturdays and Sundays

Our Gym



January 1-3

March 29 - March 31

April 7-9

May 29-31

June 29 - July 4

August 29 - September 4

October 30-31

November 22-26

December 22-31

We are a continuous program with a monthly tuition based on 4 classes per month. There are Some months you will receive 3 lessons due to National Holidays. You will receive an extra make-up class for that month. You must either schedule your Holiday make-up within the month missed or the next month, if enrolled in classes. We do not give credit or prorate tuition for Holidays.